About me

Since completing typesetting and typing courses at The London College of Printing I have worked for various print and publishing companies from the smallest employing only 6 people to Europes largest screen print company employing over 400 people.

I spent my first 10 years in the printing and publishing industry working on code driven photo-typesetting equipment such as the Itek Quadritek and Scantext 1000 systems. I regard using this type of equipment as proper typesetting. These were the days before WYSIWYG, just a screen full of code and text. I learned a huge amount about typography and typesetting during these years.

I have been working on Apple Macs since 1990, my first mac being an Apple LC. I have since worked on G3s, G4s, G5s and most recently imacs. I spent several years working for a large London based print firm where I not only increased my mac experience, but also learned about reprographics, litho, screen and digital print. This is where I learned how to use programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator.

I have spent the last 11 years working for London based financial print companies. Working on financial documents on a daily basis, I can put my years of typesetting and typography experience to good use. I have got to know banks different styles and made templates accordingly.

Having produced and revised so many documents over the years you become proficient at reading some horrific mark-ups and pick out legal terms. Above all I take great care in typesetting documents that have been correctly styled and look professional.