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Sitting at the Quadritek 1200
July 18, 2012, No comments

My travels through type from the eighties to the present day, experiencing some historic (some would say ancient!) equipment.

Quadritek typesetting machine

The history of typesetting

January 5, 2011, No comments

How did typesetting work before desktop computers?

Financial document typesetting

The world of financial printing

January 5, 2011, No comments

Why printed media is still the first choice for city documentation.


Typography matters

January 5, 2011, No comments

Type style and layout make all the difference to your documents.

  • Financial print documents
    High quality financial and legal documents
    January 3, 2011, No comments

    Professional documents from a typesetter with years of experience in capital markets documentation. Specialist typesetter of Offering Circulars, Prospectuses and Information Memorandum for deals.

  • Ready to take your brief now
    Ready to take your brief now
    January 1, 2011, No comments

    Send me your copy in any format – Word, Quark, InDesign – and I’ll turn them into the format of your choice, or produce print ready artwork to send to your printers. Call me today!