How it’s done

Using techniques developed over a number of years, I can quickly convert any client supplied word file or pdf into quark or indesign templates. Documents can then be revised using blacklining software.

Over the years legal companies, banks etc have asked for a formatted word file from press ready files, so I have become experienced in reformatting PDFs back into word. Charts can be redrawn from supplied Word, Excel, PDF etc. Glossaries are constructed using Sonar Bookends software.

Using specially written scripts I can quickly supply PDFs in a number of formats (clean, blacklined, strikethrough, cumulative strikethrough, final clean). Finally I can supply a press quality PDF ready for printing.

I am conversant with all major PC and Mac software applications including QuarkXPress, InDesign, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Blacklining. DropBox, VPN, Skype, Email, LogMeIn are used to retrieve and send files.